The Nourished Body

by Sep 27, 2018Eating Recovery

By: Mieke Kramer, LPC

Are you tired of being tired?

Tired of trying the same thing over and over again only to end up in the same place we started or worst?
Do you need to hear a message of Hope in the midst of your ED recovery battle?

Well look no further, there is Hope and there are those who have walked the same path you are on and found a way through.

Recovery has its own set of values rediscovering what those values are especially concerning around our body image is an important part of the healing process.

Treatment for Eating Disorders generally follows a path of reclaiming our relationship with food and our bodies. Relationship with her body is like any other relationship. It takes work to make it successful! Occasionally we are going to have to give 110% towards a value or belief that we are not 100% sure we even believe will work. So yes recovery takes faith. Faith is having Hope that we too can accomplish what others have accomplished when saying Goodbye to their ED.

One of the most renown myths of ED is to say “you can have or keep your ED body and still have recovery.” ED has its own core set of values surrounding our bodies. If we aren’t discovering our own Recovered Body values we will be at a disadvantage in experiencing all that our recovery life has to offer us.

From my own experience and the experience shared by seeing others find recovery, I’ve created some a list of my favorite Nourished-Body Values.

  1. We don’t have to love our Body to Respect our Body. Respect is about honoring about Body enough to Nourish it with Food not punish it. That is Step One.
  2. Our Body will find the sustained body weight that will nourish us physically, emotionally, and mentally equally. Anything less and we are not at our ideal nourished body weight (INBW)
  3. Our Body wants to live strong not thin.
  4. Our Body has a voice – Listen to it Loudly.
  5. All parts of your Body are welcome to Exist freely.
Re-feeding our Body is an emotional process not just a physical one.

If these values don’t work for you then create your own list. The most important aspect is to start moving closer to you Nourished-Body Values.


Be Nourished and Thrive.