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nourish workshops

Nourish Workshops

“To Nourish is to Flourish”
is the core of our Nourish program philosophy.

We believe our clients deserve to move past just managing life and move into a place of empowerment. Nourish workshops were designed to help clients practice living our their values and goals in a supportive environment.

All groups are 6-week courses with open enrollment.

Nourish & Embrace

Body Image Course

This group introduces the 10 principles of intuitive eating, gentle nutrition, and the philosophy and bene- fits of creating a weight neutral food relationship.

Nourish & CREATE

Expressive Therapy Course

In expressive art therapy we explore with clients their interpersonal skills, lifelong goals, stressors and strengths through creative modalities like art, music, games, & activities.

Nourish & BREATHE

Yoga & Joyful Movement Course

Yoga provides a unique opportunity for clients to recharge and reduce stress. Our client centered Yoga requires no prior experience. Yoga is a place to explore the spiritual power within you to heal and overcome one breath at a time and one asana at a time.

Nourish THE BODY

Intuitive Eating Course

This group provides practical skills and coaching around self esteem, self efficacy, and body image for women. Our goal is to help teens and women of all ages embrace an empowered view of their bodies and their identities as women.

Nourish & Empower

Personal Empowerment Course

Co-dependency is when we find ourselves doing for others the very thing they could do for themselves. In our workshop we focus on setting limits and boundaries around those individuals that are draining our emotional resources and empowering our own values and voice to be heard.

Nourishing Relationships

12-Step Support

A special workshop designed for women in recovery who would like to learn more about 12 step programs, like AA, EDA, and OA. What is 12 Steps all about and how it can make a difference in your life are all answered in this workshop.

upcoming groups

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"When I first began working with Mieke, depression was like walking with my head down watching my feet take one slow sluggish step after the next. Now It's like I can see the sun, the horizon, what's in front of me and I can run towards life again."



"I thought all I had was my eating disorder. Not until I started coming here did I realize that finding me was all about letting go of ED."


an artist & college student

"Eating recovery was the toughest thing I ever created. But I found a lot of the tools I needed by coming here."


a mindful yogi & graduate student

"Working with Mieke and EMDR therapy helped me feel safe again. It?s like telling an old story that no longer has any control over my life."


survivor & mother

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For general inquiries, please contact us using the contact information below. For new and existing clients below to request an appointment or setup a time to discuss our services with one of our team members.

Call: 1-912-433-7829
Fax: 1-912-335-6590
Email: info@miekekramer.com
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