How to Manage Self Care Through the Toughest Times

by Sep 27, 2018Grief & Loss

By: Daniela Starr Magers, MS, LAPC

We have all been there when life brings devastating news, our world turns upside down. But for some of us that upside down starts to become our normal and before long we are lost wandering in our grief and loss with what seems like no way out.

Without a doubt, stress, depression, and anxiety can severely impact an individual at any given time when triggers or stressors are heightened and provoked. Individuals can undergo a numerous amount of challenges throughout life with feeling stuck, unhappy, or working through past experiences that are difficult to overcome.

Self care principle #1:

Grief will change you but it does not have to define you.

An individual who experiences the loss of a loved one can be greatly impacted and challenged by stress, worry, anxiety and depression to the point of having a difficult time trying to complete daily tasks to include self-care.

Self care principle #2:

Remember you are not alone in your grief

To work through the adjustments alone can be scary to overcome and then working to find help with moving forward can seem overwhelming and difficult to achieve. We sometimes are challenged to seek our purpose or direction in life as our goals or plans can change or even become perplexed, especially when enduring a significant loss.

Self care principle #3:

It?s okay to ask for help (from a loved one; or a counselor; or co-worker; or friend)

Through seeking help outside of one?s own support system can be fulfilling as well as rewarding by gaining guidance and healing with relief from pain and suffering. Seeking professional guidance can help an individual work through the stages of grief and loss as well as set realistic goals in the healing process to focus on improving self-care and self-worth. This will help individuals who are suffering from a lack of readiness to move on as they find peace to continue their walk and journey through life.